Triumph Higher Education is an education technology organization currently revolutionizing the culinary and hospitality industries.  We are building a professionally managed system of quality, affordable education and related services for stimulating learning experiences, quality student outcomes, and productive career opportunities for graduates as well as addressing key industry challenges such as employee recruitment, preparedness and retention.

World-Class Campus-Based Culinary Education

Study with us to become a professional chef – in Boulder, Colorado or Austin, Texas.

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World-Class Online Culinary Education

An innovative and proven way to learn culinary arts and pastry & baking – highly interactive and convenient.

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The primary areas of academic focus at Triumph are the culinary and pastry arts.  Our students benefit from a well-balanced curriculum focused on methods and techniques as well as a solid business foundation.  The culinary industry is currently impacted by a chef shortage.  Our goal is to work with prospective students to increase opportunities  as well as to help meet increased industry demand.  We also work with employers to increase their talent pipeline, provide increased training and career paths for current employees as well as supply current graduates for placement.

Currently, Triumph has two schools that specialize in culinary and pastry arts education. They are under the brand name of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, founded on the principles of the great Auguste Escoffier.  Our two campuses are located in Austin, Texas and Boulder, Colorado. Through the Boulder campus, Triumph offers the country’s only professional fully online culinary and pastry diplomas through an accredited institution. Read more…